I'm Mariana, I do what I like most - creating and photographing. 
I have two twin daughters, Maria and Rosa, and since they were born
they have been my favorite models. For some time I had been thinking
about spending a season out of town, taking the girls while they were
free from school, to live closer to nature, more slowly, without so
many requests. More free.

Quarantine was the excuse to leave Lisbon and live what I wanted so much,
to escape for a while to the countryside. It was an incredible adventure. Living in the countryside has done me (us) so well! We went to the farm that belonged to my grandparents and there I decided
that I could help the #marcasportuguesas photographing some pieces of
the new collections, or products, that had not had the opportunity to
photograph because of the confinement, and taking advantage of the wonderful
scenery that we have there.

The brand that came to my mind, and whom I launched the challenge with, was
Pecegueiro & Filhos, for being a brand that I identify with a lot, for making
me go back to my childhood, for the people behind it, and for the brand that
is also characterized by the lifestyle we were living on the farm.
I thought the match was perfect, and it was!

I was inspired by everyday life in the countryside. Simple but so rich at the
same time, with all the nature and its changes that teach us so much.
For the house, that so many good childhood memories bring me and that I want my
daughters to have too. For the clothes that seemed to have been created
especially for that scenario, and finally, for the girls who were living a
beautiful life and who never stopped exploring and creating. The sessions were
done mainly over the days spent on the farm, when I literally followed them,
photographing everything they did, from the usual games to the discoveries
and inventions of the moment. It was an inspiring experience that was revealed in a unique and very special
way in my work as a photographer and stylist, which gave me enormous satisfaction
and of which I am very grateful and proud. Hope you like it! A kiss Mariana Cancela de Abreu

@ mariana.c.abreu

October 08, 2020 — Pecegueiro & F.os Principe Real

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