Fair and Ethical Production
We believe in balance in the chain of clothing production where everyone have its rights and is fairly paid.  We produce in Portugal, where we have built strong and close relationships with our production partners.  We visit the factories we work with, we know their environment and we work directly with their team members.
Waste reduction
We choose our fabrics carefully, often using great quality fabrics that are normally excess from other productions.
We design and plan fabric cutting in order to reduce waste to maximum, the few waste left is sent to recycle back to fibre. To make this possible we prioritise 100% pure fibres every time it makes sense.
No plastic
We use no plastic in our designs, transport or packaging.
High quality, seasonless and timeless
Our collection design and production aim is to achieve a beautiful and good quality product with timeless lines, textures and colours. The core of our collection is seasonless in order to produce products with a long-lasting life cycle.
We wish our products to live different stories, from generation to generation. We hope you will pass them on, from your children to their cousins, your friends, and hopefully one day, to your grandsons!
Green and Clean practices
We make design and production options to work with water saving tecnhologies. Our dyes happen in a factory with a water saving system where the water is treated and reused.
Our very small fabric waste is recycled. 
All our materials and production options are based on quality and place of origin to make sure we have as less impact with our carbon footprint.
Wilderness Support - Wild and free collection ( Livre & Selvagem)
 “Livre e Selvagem” is our tribute to Nature, a commitment.
We’ve started designing beautiful prints related to endangered species in Portugal with the aim to bring children and their families closer to nature, crating awareness of our autochthonous species and the dangers and challenges they face. 
We’ve established protocols and partnerships with Grupo Lobo; LPN - Liga da Protecção da Natureza and SPEA - Sociedade Portuguesa de Estudo das Aves; institutions that work in the preservation of Nature.  We learn from them; we support their projects in our communication and we donate from our sales.