We love sea-related pieces!
The Peacoat is a piece of military origin, linked to the navy. Standing out from other military woolen coats, this was designed to facilitate movement for reefers, sailors who climbed the masts to control sails on sailboats. The buttons have been deflected sideways so as not to get caught in the strings.
The Dutch gave it its name, which means rough wool coat, the English and the American navy adopted it. Since its appearance in the 19th century and with its sale to the general public shortly after the 2nd world war, it has become an essential piece of men's clothing.
We’ve created this version in heavyweight organic cotton fleece, to give a lot of freedom of movement to boys and girls, always in style :)
We added a detail, an embroidery of the rare black stork on the left sleeve. This is a Wild & Free collection piece.
March 04, 2021 — Sara Lamúrias

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